Captain’s Training & Licensing for Wisconsin & Michigan Boaters

Wisconsin * Michigan * Inland * Great Lakes * Near Coastal

OUPV (six-pack) * Master to 100 ton * Commercial Assistant Towing * Auxiliary Sail

Small classes * Personal attention/assistance * No trip to Toledo

USCG Approved Instructor * Professional Educator

Assistance until you have your captain's license


Classroom captain's training and licensing in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area that will take experienced boaters to the professional level allowing you to command vessels for hire.Wisconsin Captain's License and Trainging Class photo


Make your boat work for you or pilot a yacht or charter boat for someone else. Either way, you will be prepared in the operation of the vessel. All materials are prepared by US Captain’s Training, approved by the United States Coast Guard, and taught by experienced USCG approved instructor - Captain Joe McGinnis.


OPERATOR OF UNINSPECTED PASSENGER VESSEL: Seven (7) day course designed to get your license to operate a vessel with a maximum of six paying passengers. Course includes Rules of the Road, General Deck and Safety, General Navigation and Navigation Problems.WI and MI Captains Training Course picture


MASTERS CAPTAIN'S LICENSE: This is a ten (10) day course which includes all of the above instruction plus additional material to qualify you to operate an inspected vessel permitted to carry more than six passengers. This is the recommend course as it allows a greater advantage to you as a professional vessel operator.


AUXILIARY SAIL AND TOWING ENDORSEMENTS: Adding either, or both, of these endorsements will provide you with extra value in the maritime industry. Auxiliary Sail is required if you plan to operate a sailboat for hire. A towing endorsement will allow the Captain to offer On-the-Water assistance for a fee.


For more information, review the Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Captain Joe.

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In Wisconsin and Michigan, use Captain Joe's On Board Academy for your Captain's Licensing, On-the-Water Boat Training, and other Captain's Services (includng Vessel Transport & Delivery; Private Yacht Captain; Captain's Companion; On the Sea/Beach Marriage Ceremonies).  To learn more about our services, Contact the On Board Academy or Browse the Web Site.


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